Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Day I Will Never Forget

Wednesday, the 22nd of May, 2013 is a day that is etched onto the canvas of my memory for the rest of time.  It began a day like any other, but every moment that ticked away on the clock brought a new mix of nervous excitement to the surface of my heightened emotions.  On this day, I was to marry.

I hadn´t seen Yoel since the evening before, and I wasn´t to see him again until I met him at the end of the aisle, to say our vows.  The day felt soooo long, but there was plenty for me to do.  Manicure, pedicure, hair, make-up... check.  Every minute that passed, I got more nervous, and more excited.  We were going with the flow.  I was still writing my vows until just before I was picked up.  There had been no rehearsal; no plan.  We picked the day and the location the weekend before, and were making the rest up on the fly.  I wouldn't want it any other way.

The beach was stunning, and we set up ceremony just feet away from the crashing waves.  The day was hot and dry, but slightly cloudly, perfectly bringing the temperature down a few notches and giving us a beautiful backdrop for our photos.  Yoel was clad in all-white beach attire, and I had on a white bikini underneath my white sarong dress, which I later tied in varying styles.  I always said I would get married on a tropical beach in a white bikini :)  The whole day had a casual and laid-back feel, although the weight of the covenant we were making was evident to us all.

I walked down the longest aisle ever, swatting at mosquitoes all the while (the one thing they never mention in exotic beach weddings at sunset...).  Finally, from the top of a slight hill, I made my way down to where Yoel was waiting for me.  The pastor read Scripture, we spoke out our own vows, followed by the traditional wedding "until death do us part".  Rings were exchanged, a unity candle lit (though with a beach breeze that proved to be a slight challenge), and we were pronounced husband and wife - Mr. and Mrs. Marrero.

Celebrating with a champagne toast, fresh tropical fruit, and snacks followed a photo session on the beach before the sun completely disappeared below the horizon.  Married.  Forever.

It was the wedding of my dreams - better than I had ever imagined!  The best part was marrying the man I love, who seems to have been made just for me ;)  I couldn't ask for more...

A special thanks to Alpha studio in Trinidad de Cuba for the wonderful photography.


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